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Tickle the Ivories


…such remarkable boxes of wood, metal, plastic (ivory) and felt… able to evoke the majesty of an orchestra or the intimacy of one's soul.

Do you ever walk by one and wish you could play it?

Are you even the least bit curious about how 10 little (ok, even big) fingers could run (or even walk) around the black and white terrain of those 88 keys?

What about figuring out what all of those weird-looking indecipherable squiggles on the page mean?

Does it seem impossible to you?

Not to worry! I specialize in helping beginners of all ages get started.

I love planting seeds and watching them grow and blossom. I also value helping those who are already playing to improve their pianistic skills and appreciation of the music they are playing; to hear the beauty and meaning in the music and within themselves.

My students and their needs come first, the music second. In order to support this, I offer many different ways to learn to play the piano. Private piano lessons are one way and the best way for in-depth attention and serious progress. But not everyone wants, or is ready for, this kind of commitment.

Within this site you will find a number of innovative and creative approaches for all ages. See what resonates for you…

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12 Tips for Joyful and Effective Piano Practice12 Tips for Joyful and Effective Piano Practice. Read it online if you are just curious, or print it out as a reference for when you are at the piano.

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